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(identical quadruplets)

 10th Grade Begins (August 2015)

From left to right: Anna, Mary Claire, Emily and Grace

Christmas 2013


8th Grade begins.  August 2013. 






December - 2011   - We acquired a  horse in 2011.  His name is Kidd.  That is Mary Claire, Anna, Grace and Emily on Kidd.





Christmas  -----  2010


February 2010 - Photo courtesy of RIM Photography

This video was taken the day after taping the winning AFV video.  Still laughing the next morning.





Christmas '09 --- From left to right...Anna, Grace, Mary Claire, Emily


Christmas '08 - From left to right:  Grace, Emily, Mary Claire and Anna (and Santa in the middle)


We were on  on 5/12/08. 


3/15/08 - An afternoon at the park.  From left to right: Emily, Anna, Mary Claire and Grace


Christmas 2007:  From left to right:  Grace, Emily, Anna and Mary Claire


From left to right:  Mary Claire, Emily, Anna and Grace

12/21/07 - Merry Christmas to all!




The girls appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on June 11th!

From left to right:  Mary Claire, Anna, Jay, Grace and Emily.


This photo was taken back at the hotel after the taping.  From left to right:  Grace, Anna, Emily and Mary Claire






The girls are featured in 3 - one hour episodes of a documentary called "Super Quads".  The documentary follows the girls from birth to now!  It is airing on Discovery Health Channel.  Check their website for the schedule.


We had a really good time filming it and are really happy with the way it turned out. We hope that you will tune in to see.




Someone on created a nice video montage of the show:






We won $250,000.00 on America's Funniest Home Videos!

Here we are with Tom Bergeron (the host of the show).



We are not allowed to post our winning video, but you can easily find the clip on the internet.......maybe you should try here.




04/06 - The girls were in a wedding.

From left to right (Emily, Grace, Anna and Mary Claire).


04/06 - We went back to DisneyWorld! (to tape AFHV $250,000.00 show).

From left to right (Grace, Mary Claire, Emily and Anna).



02/06 - We recently spent five nights in Orlando Florida visiting Disney World.  We also spent a day at Sea World.  Here are some photos:


Just outside the entrance to the Magic Kingdom.



The girls were celebrating their 6th birthday while we were at Disney.  When they got up one morning, there was a special birthday card from each of their favorite Disney Princesses:

Grace with her card from Cinderella

Emily with her card from Jasmine

Mary Claire with her card from Ariel

Anna with her card from Jasmine



Emily and Grace act silly

Mary Claire and her Daddy waiting for Shamu at Sea World.


Mary Claire (left of Ariel) was SO excited to meet Ariel in person.  Here they talk to her for a while, then pose for a photo.



"Grace and the Gracettes" - Anxiously waiting to meet Ariel.  From left to right (Emily, Mary Claire, Anna and Grace)


Christmas Eve 2005 - From left to right (Anna, Emily, Mary Claire and Grace)






August 2005 - From left to right (Emily, Anna, Mary Claire and Grace)  In L.A. for the TARGET 2005 Holiday Commercials.





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